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How to build your profile and easily create a CV



In today's competitive market, innovation is key to success and Career Sketchbook is providing you with the most innovative idea in the world of creating a CV's and changing the definition to VISUAL CAREER PROFILES.





How to create a profile in 5 easy steps



Step 1: Create your account for free


When you create your personal profile, you will get access to the Best CV Builder platform. On this step you should only pick your username and password so you can enter your account any time you need. Your information will be safe and secure as our website has been built according to the latest data protection requirements. Now you can create a CV for free and impress your future employer.


Step 2: Easily manage your account between dashboard and CV


Here every user can switch between dashboard, personal information and CV templates. Your account will be automatically updated with the information you add into your dashboard.



Step 3: Dashboard - Fill in all the forms


Our unique dashboard profile will help you to create a CV step by step. You just have to fill in the information for each category of the dashboard such as education, skills, interests etc. Once you do this, you will be already a step ahead of generating the complete CV file.


Step 4: Embed your video or picture


With Career Sketchbook you have the opportunity that you have never thought of before – You can upload a video to explain to your potential employer why you are the best choice for the job. This important technology benefit will help you show a high-quality professional resume.



Step 5: Choose your CV design


Every CV template is carefully designed to meet the needs of an employer and employee. Our CV templates have been optimised for each industry and business field so once you've created a CV, you can apply with it for your dream job.


Once the profile is completed, users can create a CV, download it and email digital profiles to their potential recruiters.


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