Success stories and Testimonials


“It’s an innovative way of presenting ourselves to the potential recruiters. 100% recommended, this is the future.” (Zak, UK)


“I think this website gives everybody an equal opportunity for an interview and specially to freshers like me whose CV’s lack content.” (Chloe, Canada)


“This is an awesome way to present myself and that too in one screen. WOW!” (Graham, US)


“This is much more than a CV, it helped me in my business to get more projects.” (Aakash, India)


“It just took me 3 hours to grab an interview, can’t thank enough.” (Sam, France)


“Updated my dull traditional CV into a visual profile which helped me boost my confidence.” (Sian, UK)


“A much-needed tool for everyone, its easy, clear and expressive.” (Ray, Canada)


“It worked for me, thanks for the video profile, shortlisted for 2 interviews in a day.” (Yash, India)


Amazing concept! Never seen before. Your profile speaks itself. I believe recruiters will love this new format of CV. I am already a fan of it. (Natalie, US)


A unique way to present yourself. Love it! I haven’t got a call yet, but found my Profile impressive. (Stacey, UK)


CSB boost my confidence and actually grabbed me an interview same day. i liked the idea of creating video within resume. I believe it’s half the job done.  Really recommend. (Roger, Canada)


Dashboard is a perfect replace of resume. And video feature is cherry on the cake. I believe CSB is setting a new trend by replacing old traditional way of writing resume. Very appreciative! (Ian, US)


This is the first time I used CSB and thanks to whole team, I received good response from recruiters. I would definitely recommend it to my friends. Thanks! (Sonia, India)


10 out of 10. I was waiting for something new, something better than old paper format of CV. This change is new to industry and will last long. Definitely company worth recommending. (Abedemi, Nigeria)


CSB is not a typical resume writing website. I like their video feature the most. It helped me kind of skip the first phase of interview and made me confident and well prepared during my 2nd interview round. I would recommend CSB to anyone who is looking for a job. (Adam, Australia)


I am very shy and easily get nervous as soon as I think of interview. Thanks to CSB’s video feature which solved my nervousness. My video helped me getting through job. It really did boost my confidence. (Simon, Singapore)


You are the first website that served everything that is required to get a job in one place. I was confused in beginning but finally signed up for the paid video version, redid my resume and started applying for jobs. All in the past 2 weeks, I’ve had 5 people emailed and called me for an interview. Thank you so much! A small fee is well worth it. (Maria, UK)

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